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  •  Nhà sản xuất : Buffalo
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     Mã sản phẩm : Buffalo WSR-2533DHP
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[/tomtat] [kythuat][/kythuat] [mota]Router Wifi Buffalo WXR-2533DHP là model mới nhất hiện nay với cấu hình khủng  hiệu suất cao với 4 angten ngầm, hỗ trợ 2 băng tần chạy song song (2.4GHz – 800Mbps and 5GHz – 1733Mbps).

Even if you are sitting, you can use comfortably on smartphones / tablets because the radio waves are hard to break, even while grueling in the bedroom.
"Cool Black" and "Champagne Gold" blended into the interior space are prepared. Depending on the installation location and the atmosphere of your place of residence, you can also install vertically using stands as well as vertically placed.
* Please prepare wall mounting screws (2 pcs.) Separately.

In conventional wireless LAN devices, radio waves were lost due to distances and obstacles, so the original throughput has not come out. This product supports "beam forming" which improves the transfer speed and stability by properly delivering radio waves by discriminating the position and distance of the handset side.
※ Beam forming needs to correspond also to the handset side.

Grasp the position of handset, adjust radio waves and achieve high throughput

■ Beamforming is
a technology to form a bundle of optimum radio waves aiming at devices such as smartphones that calculate / adjust multiple radio waves that flutter while reflecting and strengthen each other, receive radio waves. As a result, Wi-Fi internet can be comfortably used even in places where radio waves have hardly reached, such as remote places away from the wireless LAN master station (Wi-Fi router) and obstacles.

Easy QR setup

After downloading the application for smartphone / tablet "QRsetup", you read the bundled QR code and follow the guide to complete the initial setup. You can start the internet with just the operation of the smartphone.

You can change settings of the base unit such as channel change on the screen of the smartphone.


WSR-2533DHP Dimensional drawing